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1. Timeline

Application for 2018-2019 Academic Year



Start date

End date

1st Round

Lingnan & SYSU students



2nd Round

All Students 



3rd Round

All Students



Interview will be conducted after each round of application at Lingnan College or via internet.


2. Admission Requirements

· Bachelor's degree in Business studies, Economics or Management or similar disciplines from top university in China and Asia;

· English Language: minimum TOEFL score at 100 or a minimum IELTS score at 7.0 and a minimum GMAT score at 580 (or GRE equivalent)


3. What are the next steps after admission?

· Apply for the necessary student visa(s).

· The candidate will receive an acceptance letter from each school to arrange their visas before the beginning of the programme.

· Hand in all the required documentation, such as, official and legalized transcript and degree (mandatory for all students before the start of the programme)


4. Candidates will complete the admissions process only with one business school.

According to the region of residence of each candidate, one business school will be in charge of their admissions process:

· North/South America :McIntire School of Commerce

· Asia:Lingnan College, Sun Yat-sen University

· Europe: ESADE Business School

Other regions Candidates who live in of the world can choose with which business school they want to complete the admissions process.





1. Where does the programme take place?

    September to December--McIntire School of Commerce University of Virginia

    January to March--Lingnan(University)College Sun Yat-sen University

    March to June--ESADE Business School Ramon Llull University


2. How long is the programme?

     The programme starts in September in the US and lasts for 10 months:

Phase 1:  15 weeks September — December

North America Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

Phase 2:  9 weeksJanuary —March

Asia Guangzhou, China

Phase 3:  15 weeks March — June

Europe Barcelona, Spain


The master thesis is mandatory to graduate.

Students will work in teams of 3 people.

There will be one student recruited by each school.

Students will work on the master thesis from the beginning of the program.

The group will present and defend the master thesis together in ESADE before graduation.


3. How much is the tuition fee for the program?

Total for students enrolled at LingNan:  USD 35,000

The tuition fee does not cover travel and accommodation.

Total accommodation expenses (not included Meals):

ESADE Accommodation: On arrival €3,400

McIntire Accommodation: Prior to start of term $4,000

Lingnan Accommodation:  To be confirmed


4. What are the qualifications students will gain?

1). M.S. in Global Commerce, McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia

2). M.S. in Global Strategic Management, ESADE Business School, Ramon LIull University

3). Certificate in international Management Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-Sen University

6). Students will have access to the career services of each school.

7). Cross-cultural abilities will be a great asset for stduents' careers.


It will be an eye-opening and fruitful journey!enlightened