Philipp Johannes Hampl

发布人:高级管理员 发布日期:2018-06-25

Philipp Johannes Hampl


Hometown: Vienna, Austria
Undergraduate School: University of St. Gallen
Undergraduate Major: Business Administration/Banking and Finance (Master's)
Languages: German, English


Why did you choose this program? After working for two years in several different internships in finance and going back to my undergraduate school to finish a master's degree, I wanted to travel the world and get some experience abroad. This program enables me to do all this, while receiving two master's degrees, a truly global network, and access to the resources of three top-ranked business schools. Moreover, the strategic and operational academic part of the program will help me to see business problems more holistically and not just from a financial perspective.

What do you enjoy about the program so far? The truly global experience--we are 60 students from across the globe, but get along perfectly. I especially love the many group activities, such as playing soccer, basketball, or tailgating together. On the other hand, the University of Virginia has a tremendous faculty and very high academic standard.

What has surprised you? The clear career focus of this program. From day one we were shown the resources available to us from all three universities and there has already been substantial efforts to help us advance our career prospective.

Fun facts: I nearly sunk a boat in the middle of the sea on a sailing trip in Croatia last year, as we heavily underestimated the wind power. Still, this was one of my favorite holidays ever.

Hobbies: Playing soccer; tennis; guitar; sailing; wind surfing; and discussions about politics, climate change, finance, and ethics