Ewa Granosik

发布人:高级管理员 发布日期:2018-06-25

Ewa Granosik


Hometown: Lodz, Poland
Undergraduate School: Bocconi University
Undergraduate Major: International Economics and Management
Languages: Polish, Italian, French; Basic: Russian, Chinese, English



Why did you choose this program? I find getting outside of my comfort zone and experiencing challenging situations in diverse environments to be stimulating and extremely beneficial. Knowing and working in so many different cultures while studying in world-class universities provide me with good fundamentals to embark on an impactful future.

What do you enjoy about the program so far? I most enjoy the fast-paced, effective learning and constant support. Two degrees in one year is a challenge, and you feel it from the first week, but it’s already an interesting journey full of diverse insights and circumstances I would not find elsewhere. Also, the University of Virginia campus is incredible.

What has surprised you? In all the diversity, there are so many similarities, and it’s interesting to exploit them in so many different situations during and outside of classes.

Fun facts: Until middle school I danced professionally, performing around Europe, and then the passion to dance changed to yoga. I love to travel and have visited 35 countries; five countries I have lived in for more than a month.

Hobbies: Yoga, languages, volleyball, and getting involved in absolutely anything on my way