Ben Clark

发布人:高级管理员 发布日期:2018-06-25

Ben Clark


Hometown: Taunton, Massachusetts (USA)
Undergraduate School: North Carolina State University
Undergraduate Major: Business Administration – Operations and Supply Chain Management
Languages: English


Why did you choose this program? I chose this program because of its unique value proposition to obtain a world-class education in an innovative and less traditional way, while also traveling globally and immersing myself in many new cultures. Upon completion of undergrad, I was at a crossroads between beginning my professional career and pursuing graduate school. After hearing more about this program and all that it offered, it was clearly the perfect opportunity to continue to grow professionally and personally before jumpstarting my career.

What do you enjoy about the program so far? I really enjoy the constant cross-cultural learning that goes on in a personal setting. For example, I can dine on a perfectly home-cooked Italian meal while struggling to explain the complicated rules of American sports and being taught the importance of making eye contact when saying “cheers” with a beverage. It is truly amazing how much cultural knowledge is being shared during this program, even when we least expect it!

What has surprised you? It has surprised me how incredibly diverse we are even aside from the places that we call home. Members of this program are truly global and have seen so many places around the world already. Many of my classmates have seen much more of my own country than I have, and I am eager to see more of theirs!

Fun facts: This past summer I caught the Orioles’ Adam Jones’ record-breaking 125th homerun at Camden Yards. I am colorblind (red-green).

Hobbies: Playing and watching sports, cold brewing my own coffee, reading, doing anything outdoors, and drinking craft beer