Alumni in Action-2017届项目毕业生去向及感言

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The M.S. in Global Commerce (MSGC) program is almost nearing the end of the U.S. term; it’s hard to believe how fast time flies! Even though the program is only in its second year, students from the inaugural class are already reaping the benefits from this unique global experience. Some of the major benefits of this program are the career services resources and alumni networks from three esteemed universities in the U.S., China, and Spain. We spoke with two alumni, Grace—who now works at Accenture—and Stoan—who now works at Volvo—about why they chose the program and its positive impact on their careers.

Grace McLarty & Stoan Stewart, Class of 2017
Grace McLarty & Stoan Stewart, Class of 2017

Why did you choose the MSGC program?

Grace: I chose the program specifically because of its international components. The truly immersive global experiences of this program enhance the degrees exponentially. I knew that I would receive an excellent education at UVA, but what really excited me were the opportunities this program provided for advancing my cross-cultural communication skills. These are skills that are useful in a global business environment, of course, but possibly even more important in a domestic setting. The communication, problem solving, and resiliency you develop through living overseas and working with people from different cultures and backgrounds provides you with a comprehensive, analytical mindset.  This outlook helps you to stand out as an employee in any environment.

Stoan: The program offered me an opportunity to go back to school, connect with companies all over the world, and travel to different parts of the globe all in one year. While M.S. degrees are not as well-known as the MBA, I believe programs like the M.S. in Global Commerce are bringing attention to the value of specialized master’s degrees. They meet the need of my generation’s demands for global agility.

Who would you recommend this program to?

Grace:   I would recommend this program to any student with a strong, undergraduate business degree who wishes to further their education as well as develop a unique skill set to help them stand out in a global business career. The international component was a huge draw for me, and I would recommend it to anyone who is curious about expanding their global mindset.

Stoan: I would recommend this program to people interested in working in international business. It is one thing to understand that business is global, but a totally different experience to have lived and studied in three countries in just one year. This opportunity not only connects three top business schools, but provides the chance to live and work with students from all over the globe. I knew I wanted to work in a large multinational company, and this program gave me the qualifications desired by these global companies.

What type of career and/or networking benefits did this program provide you?

Grace:  The professional and personal growth this program provided me was exceptional. Additionally, having master’s degrees from two internationally recognized universities like UVA and ESADE—as well as a certificate from Lingnan—provides you with a level of professional credibility that sets you apart from the competition. The relationships I made in the program are amazing. You will have friends, colleagues, and mentors around the world forever. I am so excited to see the impact and influence of these relationships throughout my career. The possibilities are limitless.

Stoan: The M.S. in Global Commerce allowed me to develop a global network. I now have contacts in three different business schools and can tap into their alumni networks as well. I owe my current position with Volvo to the hard work and dedication of the career services teams. They were clearly invested in all of our success and it was shown on both a group and individual basis.

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