Ringing in the Year of the Dog and Concluding Our China Experience

发布人:高级管理员 发布日期:2018-05-22

Our last few weeks in China were jam packed with Spring Festival, team projects, and final exams. Spring Festival is the holiday surrounding Chinese New Year, and MSGC students had 10 days off to ring in the Year of the Dog! This gave us the opportunity to travel around China and experience this cultural event firsthand. I had the opportunity to go home with one of my Chinese classmates, Danyang, to celebrate the New Year with her family.  Other students made trips to see Beijing and the Great Wall, Shanghai with it's amazing skyline, and Xi'an, the eastern end of the Silk Road and site of the Bingmayong (Terra Cotta Army).



After Spring Festival, it was time to wrap up our classes at Lingnan. Three of our classes had final group projects and one class had a final exam. For each group project, we did an analysis of various companies across different continents on a specific business topic, such as supply chain or consumer behavior. My group, for example, looked at the factors that affect potato chip purchases in China and the United States, specifically for Pringles and Lay's. This allowed us to not only better understand multiple multinational companies, but also make comparisons about their global strategies and presence in different markets around the globe.

Overall, China was a fascinating, exciting, and challenging part of the program. From the food and culture to the teaching style and everyday life, it was different from anything I have ever experienced. After living there for 9 weeks, though, I can definitely say that I have broadened my global perspectives and gained a much better appreciation for Chinese culture. I will never forget ringing in the Chinese New Year eating homemade dumplings with Danyang's family, exploring the showroom of one of the world's largest drone producers, or hiking the Great Wall with classmates from all around the world. I can't believe how fast our time in China flew by.  Now, it's time for our next and final destination of the program: Barcelona, Spain!